Our Core Values

"People first" has defined the spirit of the core values of our company.  Since our conception, we have continued to manage Titan Consulting Solutions, LLC based on a foundation of integrity, which is guided by 3 key principles:


These key principles govern our daily activities and provide the behavioral framework for our relationships with clients, candidates and colleagues.  

Titan resources are your competitive advantage.

Today, knowledge is king but it’s not everything. In order to stay ahead of the competition you will need more than just knowledge; you need talent in order to compete in the global marketplace.  As an information technology consulting firm, we are extraordinary believers in technology and the incredible things it can do.  However, we also know that behind every piece of code, is and even more brilliant team of people.  


Titan Consulting Solutions, LLC  has unparalleled expertise in staffing, consulting and managed services to work for our clients, delivering sound business solutions and high performance individuals with the talent, skills and  knowledge required to propel your company to higher levels of success.  Unlike other staffing firms, we place emphasis on finding a resource solution that not only meets, but exceeds your organization's current and anticipated needs.  

If you are a business looking for exceptional IT professionals, or are a talented individual who wants to work with a top-tier organization, please contact us!

Our Commitment
We have a corporate policy and commitment to maintaining an advanced diversity staffing process, which accurately represents our desire to support the business case for diversity in the technology industry and the advancement of under-represented candidates. We are committed to maintaining a candidate database that reflects a diverse customer base -- offering a wide range of perspectives and capabilities. This is more than just a customer-driven component of our corporate strategy; our emphasis on supporting diversity in technology is part of our core values.